artificial grass for playgrounds

Children’s Play Area

Artificial Grass/Turf is a perfect solution for nurseries and play areas.

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Domestic Gardens

Artificial Turf keeps getting more and more popular each year in domestic gardens.

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artificial grass installation

Outdoor Events

Artificial Grass for events can help you draw the attraction you need.

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artificial turf scotland

Commercial Use

Artificial Grass is used in many places where natural grass simply will not work.

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artificial grass for sports


Sports Artificial turf is become very popular because they provide soft, safe and cost effective solution for playground grass.

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Swimming Pools

Installing Artificial turf instead of natural grass around your pool will eliminate things like grass cuttings and mud getting into the pool.

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How it works

Artificial Grass Scotland

artificial grass scotland stage1

Step 1

First, we measure the area and work out the square metres, so we know the exact quantity of the materials required for your new artificial grass.

artificial grass scotland stage2

Step 2

Before we lay the artificial grass we remove all grass and roots with shovels and turf cutters, down to a depth of up to four inches to ensure complete removal. A wacker is then used to compact the soil.

artificial grass scotland stage3

Step 3

We stake the perimeter of the area getting turfed with artificial grass and attach a secure and sturdy frame to the stakes.

artificial grass scotland stage4

Step 4

A weed control barrier is laid – essential protecting the turf and preventing weed growth through the artificial grass.

artificial grass scotland stage5

Step 5

The most important part of the job – preparing a strong base. Artificial turf MUST have have a hardcore base (minimum of one inch MOT stone) which is levelled out and wacked, followed by a whin dust level which is also laid, levelled and wacked. 

artificial grass scotland stage6

Step 6

Time to lay the artificial grass, ensuring the pile is in the same direction, up the joins and cut the to fit the area. 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m widths are available.

artificial grass scotland stage7

Step 7

Next we lay the joining tape underneath the joins so it splits 50/50 on each piece of turf. Aqua bond is applied to the seaming tape and the surface is folded back onto the tape. The artificial grass then weighed down while the aqua bond sets.

artificial grass scotland stage8

Step 8

Finally we secure the turf by tacking it down with galvanised ringed nails around the frame, six inches apart. The last step – using a power brush to bring the turf to life – ensures the artificial grass looks its very best.

Turf for pets

Artificial Grass Scotland

There’s nothing a dog loves more than a nice lawn to run around on. Gardens are a great way for a dog to expend some energy, explore, laze in the sun and, of course, do their ‘business’.

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