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Artificial grass maintenance

One of the key benefits of installing artificial grass is the low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, you won’t have to cut or weed the lawn, but you will have to consider some light maintenance to ensure your turf looks great and lasts for a long time.

Artificial lawn care

Some of the most important aspects of artificial grass are quick and easy jobs that shouldn’t take up too much time. Here are our basic care recommendations for keeping your grass looking great:

Leaves and garden debris

Allowing leaves and other garden debris to collect on your lawn can encourage moss and weed growth if left untended. Simply removing them with a brush or vacuum cleaner will prevent any potential damage from occurring.


With heavy use, the blades of the artificial grass may flatten and become compacted. Going over the grass with a hard-bristle brush will solve this problem instantly and make you lawn look its best.

Pet waste

Inevitably, your pets will leave their waste on your artificial grass. A simple wash with hot water will do the trick. If an odour is left over, just add household fabric conditioner to the water (we recommend one part fabric conditioner to 20 parts water).

Naked flames and hot embers

We recommend that cigarettes are smoked away from the artificial turf. While it is a hardy material, any embers or naked flames could potentially melt the grass and leave an unsightly mark.

Treat your lawn like your carpet

This is great advice and the ideal way to regard your artificial grass. Whatever may damage your carpet, will also damage your turf. Avoid getting any paint, adhesives or chewing gum on the grass. If you need to paint or creosote your garden shed or fence, cover the artificial grass so it’s protected from damage.

Scot Turf artificial grass maintenance services

Most of the simple maintenance work can be done by you and is very easy to undertake. If you have pets for example, the artificial grass will require cleaning to make sure it is hygienic for others to use.
In addition to our installation service, we can also provide a maintenance service so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our service covers cleaning and the removal of pet hair, dirt, leaves and other debris. We can also top-up the silica sand base ans use a power brush to bring the grass blades back to life and looking their best.
We recommend an annual maintenance visit to keep your artificial turf looking great – see our range of prices below. For commercial customers, please add VAT. We may also be able to offer a range of other maintenance options if required – please contact us to discuss details and pricing.


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