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pet peeves

Artificial grass for pets

Artificial grass for pets is quickly becoming the new trend in gardens. Gone are the days of the plastic, scratchy stuff; this feels almost like the real thing and looks incredibly lifelike. One question that gets asked regularly; “What about if you have pets?” Dogs and cats love gardens. They also like to destroy gardens, much to their owner’s dismay. Digging holes, scratching at the mud and the obvious toilet issues leave some pet owners looking forlornly at a patchy mess all year round. Artificial grass is now changing all  that. It’s durable so will withstand probing claws. It’s also permeable, so urine drains through and leaves grass fibres undamaged. You may also find dogs actually prefer the softness of artificial grass as it feels less coarse than the real thing. The biggest benefit? Let’s face it, knowing your furry friend can go outside and not return a muddy brown mess has to be every pet owner’s dream, right? No more traipsing muddy paws through your house every 5 minutes, realising it’s started raining so having to scramble them reluctantly inside so as not to create something akin to a swamp on your back yard. The other bonus has to be being able to relax instead of watching tentatively to ensure they’re not attempting to tunnel their way into trouble. In short, it’s the cleaner, easier, stress-free alternative which no pet owners should do without. The only thing we can’t guarantee is that they won’t try and bring you a ‘present’ as gratitude for their lovely new playground!


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