The Future of Grass

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Artificial grass; Then and Now

Pardon the pun, but artificial grass is quickly becoming the fastest growing industry in the country. When most people think about artificial grass, they think the astro-turf of yonder year, which  was basically a flat green carpet covered in some sand-like residue. It was rough to touch and gave horrendous friction burns to footballers all over the country. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that things have changed. With advances in technology, you can now visit showrooms where grass is in huge rolls and you can get a real feel for their texture and colour. There are different styles, hues and textures depending on the look you want for your lawn and the budget you have to spend, but even the basic grasses now look and feel like the real thing. Blades of grass are individually designed and crafted  to replicate the natural look and colour of a real lawn and the difference is almost imperceptible. The only real distinctions are the lack of mud, no backbreaking mowing, and the fact its weed-free and needs no expensive chemicals to keep it in tip-top shape. Hence why its quickly becoming the choice for small families or those who work and don’t have the time to dedicate to their oasis in their backyard. Instead of concreting over or laying some gravel which, let’s face it is labour-free but not entirely safest for your little ones,  you can now have a lovely lawn without the hard work. For a small investment, your lawn will look good and be hassle-free for years to come.


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