The Lazy Gardener

lazy gardener

The Perfect Garden


Think about your perfect garden. What’s the first thing you think of? A lush green lawn? Most people  envisage a perfectly manicured, green oasis in their backyard. What’s the reality though? If you’re anything like me, 30-something, kids and holding down a full-time job, it’s more likely either a jungle of monstrous proportions or a patchy, brown dishevelled excuse of a lawn. “I don’t have time.” “I must have rubbish soil quality.” All excuses I’ve made when showing friends my outdoor space. I was almost ashamed but couldn’t think of a solution and it always seemed to be ‘a project for next year’ (and has been for 3 years running). Then one of my friends mentioned artificial grass. Now my immediate thought was the old astro-turf we used to play football on as children and I wasn’t keen. The reality in 2016 is very different. Now it comes in carpet-like rolls in different textures and shades and looks and feels like the real thing  The thought of no more mowing, weeding, watering and feeding is a huge allure, so artificial grass is a huge up-and-coming industry in 2016, especially given our unpredictable weather patterns.

Of course, it takes preparation time to ensure your new lawn is fitted correctly, but then it really does almost look after itself. Give it an occasional brush over to remove any leaves or debris, and you’re good to go. I do have a friend who has taken to vacuuming his, but I don’t remember seeing that in the manufacturer’s instructions! So now you can just relax in the knowledge that you don’t have to gamble on a sunny day to dust off your lawnmower, and you’ll no longer be spending a small country’s GDP on weed-killer and lawn feed.

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